måndag, december 13, 2004

Cloud Atlas av David Mitchell

Läs Cloud Atlas. Den är klurigt byggd men har något att säga också. Corpokrati nutid kolonialism nutid. Läs den.

Första kapitlet ur Cloud Atlas (kräver konto hos Washington Post, men gratis och snabbt att registrera sig).
David Mitchell
Cloud Atlas. 2004. Pocket, Sceptre. ISBN 0 340 83320 3
The number9dream

Complete Review om Cloud Atlas

Inte fullt lika imponerad, Scott Desposito, Conversational Reading i den här artikeln The number9dream/Mitchell Post ex.
"In all honesty, I actually liked number9dream better than Cloud Atlas. The Atlas was a great read (hell, both of them are great reads) but it seemed like, if anything, Mitchell was trying to pin down his meaning even more severly in novel #3. At least number9dream had some ambiguity, some room to squeak through competing arguments. Cloud Atlas basically puts you in a headlock and is like "Look, humanity is doomed to keep destroying itself in an ever-spirialing cycle of violence that only gets worse as technology gets better. Got it?!? GOT IT!!!?!!"

John Mullan analyses Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (Guardian Books 050319-050409)
Week one: oral narrative Words o' knowin'
Week two: the multi-genre novel Hidden links
Week three: antique prose Savagery upon a forlorn strand
Week four: narrative structure Scaffolding not provided

David Mitchell reveals how his books coagulate slowly in a primordial idea-soup.