måndag, december 13, 2004

What I Loved av Siri Hustvedt

Jag läste What I Loved för något år sedan och hade svårt att efter det hitta en bok som kunde komma upp i samma total. Irriterade mig hela första tredjedelen men läste ändå vidare eftersom jag tyckt om Lily Dahls förtrollning. Och så schmock!

ps. Om du läst What I loved, kolla:
Siri Hustvedt

What I Loved . 2003. Pocket, Sceptre: ISBN 0340682388
Lily Dahls förtrollning 1996. Rabén Prisma/arleskär 1997. ISBN 91 518 3127 9

Ny bok kommer nästa vecka: A Plea For Eros, essäsamling

When I was in my early 20s and reading a lot of 19th-century philosophy, I invented two models of love affairs, the organic and the mechanical. The mechanical is the one that many people know well, and that is that you create a machinery of desire, and it cranks up and gets going, and as it goes it creates the effect you are looking for - some kind of explosion of pleasure or desire - and then it sinks into pain. It will eventually run out, there is no perpetual motion. The organic model is where you sprout another limb if you have to. Long love affairs have to reinvent themselves. After 25 years of marriage, I can tell you that if you don't keep changing and moving, the thing will die.
Intervju med Siri Hustvedt - The dark side of happiness