torsdag, juli 28, 2005

Palestine av Joe Sacco

I'm blinking fast, snapping mental pictures and thinking, "This'll make a great couple of pages in the comic" - a weird scene of a pitching car with the rain going torrential while Sameh strains to see over his shoulder into the dark and fumbles with the gears to back us out of another washed-out path... and that's me next to him and this is my happiest moment... I've made it, you understand, I've come hundereds of miles via planes and buses and taxis to be precisely here: Jabalia, the must-see refugee camp of the Gaza Strip, the intifada's ground zero, a Disneyland of refuse and squalor... and here I am, brushing up against the Palestinian experience, a goddamn adventure cartoonist who hasn't changed his clothes in days, who's stepped over a few dead rats and shivered from the cold, who's bullshitted with the boys and nodded knowlingly at their horrible narratives... and I'm pinching myself in a car in the dark in a flood, giddy from the ferocity outside, thinking, "Throw it at me, baby, I can take it," but I've got the window rolled up tight...

Joe Sacco håller visst just nu på med en bok om Rafah. Han gjorde serierna om Palestina efter berättelser han samlat in och egna upplevelser från besök han gjorde i olika flyktingläger 1991-92. Palestine slutar med att hans buss, på väg till Egypten kört vilse, backar ut ur just Rafah av rädsla för palestinska småkillar och i stället stannar vid en gränspost och frågar israelisk militär om vägen.

Rafah juli 2005

Joe Sacco

Palestine. 1991-92. Fantagraphics Books, 2001: ISBN 1-56097-432-X

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Complecancy Kills
Joe Sacco i Irak över en helg (tar ett tag att ladda in men värt det). Från Guardian: sacco1.pdf